Santi Prabha Inty

Dr.Santi Prabha Inty

Department:Electronics and Communication Engineering
Date of Birth:05/10/1958
Date of Joining:21/06/1985
Subjects Taught:Pulse & Digital circuits ; Linear IC Applications ; Digital control systems ; Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation :Adaptive signal processing; Control systems ;Basic Electronics,etc.
Research Area:Speech signal processing
Teaching Experience:31 years
Research Experience:15 years
Industry/Professional Experience:
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Ph.D Scholars guided:3 - Completed; 14 - On going
PG Scholars guided :Moe than 50
Memberships in Professional bodies:ISTE - Life member
IE- Fellow
IETE -Fellow
Positions held :Head of the department ; Deputy warden for Lady's Hostel
Patents :Nil
Foreign Visits:Sweden