Rajasekhar Karumuri

Dr.Rajasekhar Karumuri

assistant professor
Department:Electronics and Communication Engineering
Qualification:B.Tech.,M.Tech., Ph.D
Date of Birth:20/06/1985
Subjects Taught:Signals and Systems, Probability Theory and Stochastic Process, Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, DSP Processors and Architectures, Digital Communications, Network Analysis, Linear IC Applications, Pulse and Digital Circuits, Linear and Digital IC Applications, EM Waves and Transmission Lines, Radar Systems, Radar Signal Processing, Digital Logic Design
Research Area:Digital Signal Processing
Teaching Experience:7 Years
Research Experience:2 Years
Industry/Professional Experience:
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Workshops/Courses Attended:1) Refresher Course in Education Technology at HRD Centre, Andhra University during 11/07/2016 to 31/07/2016
2) Orientation Course at HRD Centre, Andhra University during 7/12/2015 to 03/01/2016
3) Five Day Short Term Training Programme on Advanced Digital Processing & Applications at NIT,Warangal
during 27th to 31st July,2015
4) Two week audit course on “Research Methodologies” during 1st – 15th May 2015 at JNTUK, Kakinada
5) Two week audit course on “Intellectual Property Rights and Patents” during 16th – 30th May 2015 at JNTUK,
6) Short Term Course on “Advanced DSP Design Techniques” during 10th -14th June,2014 at IIT Kharagpur
7) Pedagogical training program at NITTTR, Chandigarh during 25th to 29th November,2013
8) Short Term Course on Fundamentals of signal processing for antenna arrays at IIT, Kharagpur during 15th
to 20th July,2013
Workshops/Conferences Organized:1) A National Level Technical Symposium-Esparx2K13-Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering department, UCEK(A), JNTUK, Kakinada-9th & 10th March 2013
2) A Two day National Workshop on Building Embedded systems with ARM Cortex-M MCU's-Sponsored by TEQIP-II -Electronics and Communication Engineering Dept.,UCEK(A), JNTUK-18th &19th December 2015
Conferences:1) K.Raja Sekhar and Sai Naresh.D , Natural Sounding Communication aid for People with Speech and Language
Problems, International Conference on Advances in Signal Processing and Communications at Narasaraopet,
Guntur District.
2) P.Venkata Narasa Reddy, and K.Raja Sekhar, Image Encryption and Decryption in RNS domain based on
{2n,22n+1-1,2n+1, 2n-1} Moduli Set, International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems at
PPG Institute of Technology,Coimbatore.
3) Sameera Dola and K.Raja Sekhar, Performance Improvement of OFDM with DWT-FrFT, International
Conference on Signal Processing Communication, Power and Embedded Systems at Centurian University,
4) CH.Naga Vidyullatha and K.Raja Sekhar, Z-Scan based Lifting Architecture For a 2-D Discrete Wavelet
Transform, International Conference on Signal Processing Communication, Power and Embedded Systems, at
Centurian University, Odisha
Session Chair/Keynote Speaker/Guest Lecture:Acted as a session chair in a Two day National Conference conducted by ECE Dept.,UCEK(A),JNTUK during 6-7th November,2015
PG Scholars guided :10
Memberships in Professional bodies:IEEE Member(#93993669)
Positions held :Deputy Warden for Narendra Hostel, UCEK(A), JNTUK from 04-08-2016 onwards