Alugonda Rajani

Mrs.Alugonda Rajani

assistant professor
Department:Electronics and Communication Engineering
Qualification:M.Tech, (Ph.D)
Date of Birth:06/05/1984
Date of Joining:05/01/2013
Subjects Taught:Electronic devices and circuits,electronic circuit analysis,pulse & digital circuits, swithcing theory and logic design,control systems, neural networks,embedded system,digital control system,embedded system design,wireless communication network, embedded & real time operating system,digital signal processing,electrical and electronics engineering,advanced digital signal processing,Image & Video Processing,Transform Techniques..
Research Area:signal processing
Teaching Experience:9 Years
Research Experience:2 years
Industry/Professional Experience:
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Workshops/Courses Attended:1 Workshop on “Swarm Robotics” from 02 to 03 Mar2012(02-Days)
2 Workshop on “Outcome Based Engineering Education” on 5 Feb 2013 (1-Day)
3 Complimentary Seminar on “MATLAB & SIMULINK for Engineering Education”on 7 Feb 2013(1-Day)
4 Workshop on “Embedded System Design for Power Measurement”from 13 to 15 Feb 2013(3-Days)
5 Complimentary Seminar on “MATLAB & SIMULINK for Engineering Education”on 21 Mar 2013(1-Day)
6 National Workshop on “ Advanced VLSI Technology from 26 to 27 Apr 2013(2-Days)
7 Workshop for Training Resource Persons on “Outcome Based Accreditation – Phase I”on 29 Apr 2013(1-Day)
8 Workshop on “Communications ,Signal and Image Processing”from 28 to 29 Jun 2013(2-Days)
9 Workshop on “Awareness on NPTEL “on 18 July 2013(1 Day)
10 Workshop on “Orientation Programme for New Faculty” from 13 to 14 July 2013(2-Days)
11 National Workshop on “Advanced Microcontrollers with Arduino”from 23 to 24 Jul 2015(2-Day)
12 National Workshop on “Building Embedded Systems with ARM Cortex-M MCUs”from 18 to 19 Dec 2015(2-Day)
13 Workshop on “Outcome Based Education & Accreditation” from 08 to 10 Jun 2016(3-Day)
14 CEP on Embedded Systems Design based on ARM and Microblaze Platforms at NIT Warangal from 25 March to 29 Mar 2013 (1-Week)
15 Short term course on “ Micro Controllers and Embedded systems” at IIT Kharagpur from 22 Dec to 31 Dec 2014(10-Day )
16 Orientation Course UGC-HRDC at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam from 23 Apr 2015 to 20 May 2015(4-Weeks )
17 Short term Course on “Practical RF Antenna Design”at NIT Warangal from 6 July to 10 July 2015(1-Week )
18 Research Methodologies at JNTUK 01 May to 15 May 2016 (2-Weeks )
19 Intellectual Property Rights and Patents at JNTUK from 16 May to 30 May 2016 (2-Weeks )
20 Refreshers Course UGC-HRDC at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam from 11 July 2016 to 31 July 2016 (3-Weeks)
21 Improving the presentation skills in teaching on17 August 2016 (1-day)
22 Short term course on "IOT Applications"at NIT Warangal(1-week) Feb-2017
23 FDP on "Analog & Digital Communications"at NIT Warangal association with % IITS(2-week) in May-2017
Workshops/Conferences Organized:A Two day national workshop on (NW-AMC2015) -sponsered by TEQUIP-II-UCEK(A),JNTUK-23 rd&24 th July ,2015.
Conferences:1. T.Ramakrishna, A.Rajani, Thomas George,T.Srinivas, “Designing of PLC based oil flow control module for turbo machinery”,National Conference On Emerging Trends In Electronics And Communication Engineering (NC-emerge 2013),June .2013.
2. A.Yamini,A.Rajani,“comparative analysis for low power sequential circuits”
Third National Conference On Research Trends In Computer Science And Technology(NCRTCST-2015),pp.48-51,October.2015.
3. A.Rajani,K.Sai Rameswari“Design of advanced extensible interface memory controller for SoC applications” Third National Conference On Research Trends In Computer Science And Technology(NCRTCST-2015),pp.59-62,October.2015.
4. Pollai Duryodhana, A.Rajani, “Optimized PAPR reduction approach by piecewise linear companding framework with less companding distortion” Third National Conference On Research Trends In Computer Science And Technology(NCRTCST-2015),pp.14-18,October.2015.
5. P.Harshavardhan,A.Rajani, “Bilinear frequency warping pulse amplitude scaling for parametric voice conversion”, International Conference On Advances In Signal Processing And Communications -2k15 (NECICASPC-2K15),pp.179-184,July.2015.
6. Soundarya.S.V.S,A.Rajani, “Robust estimation of non stationary noise power spectrum using E-DATE and Kalman filter”,IEEE International Conference On Inventive Computation Technologies (ICICT)no-3,p.2,August.2016.
7. Vanama Naga Pujitha,A.Rajani, “Convergence of dynamic harmonic balance algorithm under maximum correntropy criterion”,IEEE International Conference On Inventive Computation Technologies(ICICT),no-74,p.37,August.2016.
Session Chair/Keynote Speaker/Guest Lecture:1 Session Chair for Paper Presentation for ESPARX-2013 at ECE Department, UCEK,JNTUK on 09-10 Mar 2013
2 Session Chair for Paper Presentation for ESPARX-2015 at ECE Department, UCEK,JNTUK on 29 Feb 2015 to 01 Mar 2015
3 Session Chair for Paper Presentation for NC-Emerge 2013 at ECE Department, UCEK,JNTUK on 14-15 June 2013
4 Session Chair for Paper Presentation forESPARX-2016at ECE Department, UCEK,JNTUK on 27-28 Feb 2016

PG Scholars guided :12
Memberships in Professional bodies:Life Member of IETE-LM235365
Life Member of LISTE-LM28512
Positions held :Deputy Warden for Girls Hostel
Officer In charge Examinations
Women Representative of Teaching Association-UCEK