Department:Electronics and Communication Engineering
Date of Birth:30/09/1966
Subjects Taught:computer networks, TV engineering, Radar systems, Micro processors and micro controllers, BMI, Computer programming, LICA, Data communications, Network cryptography, Transducers and sensors,
Research Area:computer networks, parallel processing
Teaching Experience:22 years
Research Experience:15 years
Industry/Professional Experience:NIL
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Workshops/Courses Attended:NIL
Workshops/Conferences Organized:NIL
Book Chapters/Books Authored:NIL
Conferences:1. Vadithe Madhu bai, Sailaja.M (2016).An Efficient modified Booth Recoder for Different Applications. International conference on communication and electronics systems (ICCES-2016), 978-1-4673-8766-8/16/$31.00.
2. Sravya. G, Sailaja. M (2016). VLSI Design of Low Power Data Encoding Techniques For Network-on-Chip. International conference on signal processing, communications, power and embedded systems(SCOPES-2016).
Session Chair/Keynote Speaker/Guest Lecture:NIL
R&D Projects:NIL
Ph.D Scholars guided:8-ongoing
PG Scholars guided :60
Memberships in Professional bodies:FIETE, MISTE, MIE
Positions held :Professor In-charge of Library/Head of the department during 2009-2012/Deputy warden
Honors & Awards:NIL
Patents :NIL