Rama Devi Kollisetty

Dr.Rama Devi Kollisetty

assistant professor
Department:Electronics and Communication Engineering
Date of Birth:03/05/1975
Subjects Taught:Antennas and wave Propagation, Microwave Engineering, Optical Communication, Radar Engineering, Electro magnetic waves and Transmission Lines, Pulse and Digital Circuits, Electronic devices and Circuits.
Research Area:Antennas, Radar, Optical Communication
Teaching Experience:13yrs
Research Experience:Nil
Industry/Professional Experience:Nil
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Workshops/Conferences Organized:National Workshop on Advanced Micro Controlers with Aurdino(NW-AMCA-2015)
dates: July-23rd and 24th
Book Chapters/Books Authored:Nil
Conferences:[1] K.Rama Devi , A.Mallikarjuna Prasad , A.Jhansi Rani, “Analysis of plus and X-Shape Microstrip patch array”, International Conference on Computing, Communications, Systems & Aeronautics(ICCCSA-12), Winger Publications, Malla Reddy College of Engineering & Technology, March 30th -31st 2012, EC12072, ISBN NUMBER:978-81-921580-8-2, PP.110-113.
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PG Scholars guided :08
Memberships in Professional bodies:Life Member in IETE (M119351)
Life Member in ISTE
Positions held :Deputy Warden